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Keep your pup clean from all the dirt and bacteria out there..

We wash our hands right? So, why wouldn't we keep our pup's paws clean too?

We would never put our dirty shoes on our bed but imagine what our pups walked on while they were outside - now it's on your pillow!

Keep your pup clean and happy with Our Clean Paws Spray and Go HOCL! This nontoxic, all-natural product is perfect for keeping your furry friend free from grime, odors, and itchiness. 

Not only will Spray and Go help keep your pup clean, but it's star ingredient HOCL is perfect for their skin, coat, and paws. It's nontoxic and paw licker safe! Bye Bye Itch and Hello Clean!

Proudly made in the USA


Toby - AKA Tobelerion

My auntie created this product so I use my spray every day - Mommy likes to use it to keep my toys clean too!

Ray Ray

Ray Ray - AKA Boss Man

I woof my Clean Paws! It's My fave product Mom brings home! Bye-Bye itchy paws!

Sweet Pea_edited.jpg

Ellen - Groomer

At our salon we have seen such a difference on the skin and coat of our fur clients. We recommend using Our Clean Paws morning and night.

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