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Our Story at Our Clean Paws
Why We CReated Our Clean Paws Pet Products

A Tale of Hope, Love, and Unwavering Devotion

Our story begins with a miracle - a tiny, 3-pound white ball of fluff who stole our hearts and changed our lives forever. Meet Baby, a courageous little soul who faced unimaginable odds from the moment she entered this world.

Born with a spinal defect, a deformed bottom, and a body riddled with internal fistulas, Baby's future seemed bleak. Emaciated and unable to control her bodily functions, she was confined to a cramped crate, her spirit dimming with each passing hour. Just moments away from euthanasia, fate intervened, and our paths crossed.

The day I brought Baby home, my heart shattered. Her fragile body, overwhelmed by infection, could only manage a painful crab crawl. As we embarked on the four-hour journey back to Tampa, I couldn't hold back my tears. Through them, I made a silent promise to this little fighter: if she chose to live, we would move mountains to save her.

Despite six years in animal rescue, I had never witnessed such a dire situation. But in Baby's eyes, I saw a fierce determination that touched my very soul. She wasn't ready to give up, and neither were we.

Our journey was far from easy. After two grueling reconstructive surgeries, Baby developed vasculitis, causing her front paws to deteriorate rapidly. The news of necessary amputation was devastating. How much more could this little one endure?

In our darkest hour, a ray of hope emerged. A dear friend, now my business partner, introduced us to Hypochlorous (HOCL) - a safe, non-toxic solution that could help keep Baby's wounds clean without causing further harm. With the blessing of our dedicated medical team and respected veterinarians, we found a way to give Baby the care and recovery she desperately needed.

Inspired by Baby's resilience and the transformative power of HOCL, we poured our hearts into creating Our Clean Paws. Within six months, we had developed a product that could help other pet parents facing similar challenges. It became our mission to share this safe, effective solution with the world.

Today, Baby is thriving beyond our wildest dreams. Despite enduring four surgeries, she's the epitome of puppy joy, inspiring everyone she meets with her indomitable spirit. She spends her days at the office, surrounded by love and the companionship of her sisters, reminding us daily of the miracles that happen when we refuse to give up.

Your support of Our Clean Paws means more than you know. It allows us to continue our mission and, most importantly, to give back to the rescue community that saved Baby's life. That's why, with every bottle sold, we donate a bottle to rescue organizations working tirelessly to save precious lives like Baby's. We're passionate about supporting these heroes in their efforts to give every animal a chance at a loving home.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we're changing lives, one bottle at a time.

With endless gratitude and puppy kisses,

Corinne & Baby

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