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Our Story at Our Clean Paws
Why We CReated Our Clean Paws Pet Products

Our Why all started with a little 3lb white ball of fluff that was rescued hours before being euthanized....

Meet Baby, this beautiful angel who was dealt a cruel blow by nature - born with a spinal defect, a deformed bottom and internal wiring that was twisted and filled with fistulas. Barely 3 pounds, emaciated unable to control her body functions, they were keeping her in a small carrying crate with no room to move. 

When I arrived to pick her up, her little body was riddled with infection and because she had been kept in such a small crate she was unable to walk - she could only crab crawl. The 4 hour drive back to Tampa was filled with tears and promises! I thought that in 6 years of rescue I had seen everything, but I was wrong I had never seen anything like this! 

With everything this little girl was battling there was a spark in her eyes! She did not want to give up! I made her a promise, if she was willing to fight to live we would fight with her! I am forever grateful for the medical team that stepped up and said they would join in the fight to save this little girl!


Unfortunately, after her second reconstruction surgery she developed vasculitis and her front paws literally sloughed off and she needed immediate surgery, they had to amputate the remaining tissue - she was left with no paws. We were all devastated - we had come this far to save her - NOW THIS! 

I knew that we had to keep her wounds clean, her toys clean and keep her cleaned (without bathing her). Every product on the market filled with toxic ingredients - that was not going to work! Thankfully my close friend (and now business partner) had heard of a safe, non-toxic answer Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)! I immediately began to research if it would be safe to use. We found out that HOCL is actually made in every human and mammal's body - it's in their white blood cells and it is part of the body's natural immune system! WOW!

We checked with our specialist and found out it would be safe to use on Baby and in her environment.. Within 6 months the dream for Our Clean Paws was born. Leslie and I knew we had to get this in the hands of other pet parents! 

Oh, if you are wondering how Baby is doing - she's is great! Four surgeries later  she is all puppy and has a natural gift to encourage others who are perfectly imperfect!

She is the light of my life and loves spending the day with her sisters at the office! 

Thank you for being a part of our pack! We continue to support rescue and a percentage of each sale goes toward saving little lives like Baby's.



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