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  • Is this safe for my dog?
    (HOCL) Hypochlorous acid is a naturally-occurring molecule that is found in the white blood cells of all mammals and is used by the body to kill bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the power of science - we have been able to duplicate that molecule with salt, water and a specific electrical frequency. Research the benefits of HOCL and you will be amazed- that's why we also created a human line If you are concerned about the safety of HOCL, talk to your veterinarian or healthcare provider.
  • Are your products really made in the USA?
    Great question, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! We even use bottles and sprayers that are made in the USA. It costs us more as a company but we are committed to quality for our customers.
  • How pure are your ingredients?
    The purest! We made ourselves a promise when we started this company ... Our products are free from parabens, silicones, fillers, fragrances, phthalates - to put it simply: NO JUNK NO HARSH CHEMICALS NO TOXIC FUMES All of our products are made of natural ingredients, and our products are eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan and safe around people and pets!
  • What is HOCl
    Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) naturally occurs in our immune system, it is created by white blood cells, or neutrophils, that fight against infection and disease. The neutrophils detect and attack infections by releasing a cocktail of biocidal chemicals, including their powerful weapon, hypochlorous acid. Since Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is a substance found naturally in the human body as well as the bodies of our furry friends, science has been able to duplicate it by running a precise electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. Making HOCL a highly effective but gentle ingredient!
  • Is it HOCL or HOCl
    Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), sometimes will show on our website as HOCL for ease of understanding - even though that is a small l sometimes it is confused for a capital I instead.
  • Do your products have a smell to them?
    We call it the smell of clean! All of our products are fragrance free but you might smell a hint of salt water - similar to the beach.
  • Can I spray this in my dogs mouth to clean his teeth too?
    As fantastic and non-toxic as HOCL is, we do not recommend spraying it in your dog's mouth to clean their teeth. Our formula is created as a safe topical spray and used around their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth areas.
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