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Most dog owners are all too familiar with the never-ending battle to keep their furry friends itch-free and snuggle clean!   


But have you ever thought about the hidden bacteria and toxins lurking on their paws? Studies show some dogs have 500 times the average amount of toxins in their bloodstream. Pups lick their paws and then ingest all that junk leading to tummy issues and allergy woes! 




Clean, Soothe, and Deodorize: Our easy-to-use spray helps remove unseen junk and softens and soothes pups' skin, coats, and paws for cleaning and itch relief. An ideal way to protect against outdoor elements, calm allergies, clean and soothe skin irritations, dry elbows, and more!

It is an excellent addition to your pup's grooming routine, delivering exceptional results when paired with our delicious Lemongrass Love Shampoo or our effective Hot Spot Spray. You and your pups will adore the benefits of Our Clean Paws BYE BYE ITCH, leaving their paws and skin clean, soft, and refreshed after every use. Plus, with every purchase, we're committed to making a donation to an animal rescue, ensuring that little fur balls in need receive the care and support they deserve. Join us in caring for your pet and making a difference in the lives of animals everywhere with Our Clean Paws.

Our Clean Paws Hypochlorous For Pets


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